This is not your Grandpa's pontoon!

Introducing the All NEW Razor E-toon.

Made by the Caravelle Boat Group, the Razor E-toon will quickly become Everybody's Pontoon.

The Most Innovative Pontoon on the Market! 

The American Boat Consumer has seen the need for pontoon products with style.  Caravelle, in our efforts to expand our market base, took notice.  Caravelle realized that the pontoon industry had not been updated to meet the standards of the consumer.  Our competition’s pontoons look the same, perform the same, and throughout the industry have not upgraded since the original style was introduced.

So now comes the Pontoon Evolution.

​With its unique styling, the Razor E-Series is fresh, exciting, and revolutionary.
​ This is not your Grandpa’s Pontoon.  
​Whether you go wild or stay classic, with our many colors and options to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Its fiberglass Multi-Hull Cat-V has five lifting points, letting it glide across the water and can bank in a turn like a performance boat should. With this design, the Razor can achieve speeds with half the horsepower of conventional pontoon producers and has l
ots of room to move around and be comfortable on the water, this boat is loaded with features from bow to stern. Wakeboard tower with speakers, onboard kitchenette with gas grill, a changing room, and tons of storage are just a few.

 It is our pledge to consumers that Caravelle will put all of our 47 years of boat building experience into slicing the competition with our Razor pontoon.

Razor slicing the competition!